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VaVa Designer Cakes

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Year 2022-2023

VaVa Designer Cakes is a Toronto-based shop specializing in chiffon cakes, custom cakes, and desserts. One of my primary responsibilities is to design new cakes promotional posters, social media, website banners, and cake instruction cards. Each poster design is tailored for a specific cake while maintaining consistent fonts and layouts.

VaVa 1.png

The cake featured in the poster is flavored with taro and mochi, with two distinct colors showcased as the primary focus. To maintain consistency related to the flavors, I utilized yellow and purple as the main color palette. The Chinese name of the cake holds special significance, representing gold and treasure. To enhance the traditional feel of the poster design, I incorporated special elements such as gold coin icons and lined clouds.

Poster Showcase
Product card

Here are several poster designs for the brand, each with a unique style and feeling representing different flavours and the special events for which the cakes are designed. Throughout, I've maintained consistent fonts and the main layout.

Here are some
of my
other works

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