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A little about me!

Hi! My name is Adele Sham, and I am a compassionate and creative graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Richmond Hill, Ontario. I graduated from the joint program at York University/ Sheridan college's program in design (YSDN) in 2022. I am interested in working with information design, communication design, branding and illustrations. I consider my design style clean and colourful, and I am especially interested in creating illustrations and designs with themes related to animals, plants, nature and foods. 


Throughout the terms of my design program, I have learned communication skills from class critiques and presentations. I have also gained time management skills from working with a few projects together. Furthermore, learning different skills from courses such as typography, package design and communication design. My objective for this year is to gain more experience in the design field and create an illustration book on a fairytale. I consider each step of my design process a new learning opportunity and lesson. With the experience in YSDN and the work experience I have, I wish to challenge myself and gain a better self and design in the process. 

I speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English. I am currently learning Japanese in my own time!

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