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Markham Ice and Snow Festival 

Event Design

Visual Identity

Editorial Design

Year 2019

In 2019, the Markham Snow and Ice Festival was first open to the community, featuring captivating ice sculpting displays outdoors. My goal was to design a range of materials, including booklets, business cards, roll-up banners, logos, certificates, invitations, backdrops, and posters for the festival.


I also handled to design of marketing materials, signs, and various festival-related items. This work involved collaboration with volunteers and co-creation with individuals from companies like CSID and Advanced Brilliance Corporation to develop the designs.

Book showcase
Book showcase

Markham Ice and Snow Festival 2019 The Markham Ice and Snow Festival is a winter event that promotes ice sculpture and local communities of Canadian and Chinese. The festival features famous ice sculpture artists from China Harbin to create 20 sculptures based on a combination of Canada's iconic animals, Horoscope Signs and Chinese zodiac signs.

Backdrop image

Getting started presented a significant challenge as the festival was entirely new and lacked any previous design references. To establish a distinct visual identity, I  begin with a blue colour palette, symbolizing ice. I maintained consistency by utilizing a combination of sans-serif and script typefaces throughout, thus creating a cohesive visual identity for the event.

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