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Moblie Application

A mobile app user interface design for Jnack.s. The vital function of the application is an app that people can buy snacks and food that ships directly from Japan that stores in Canada provide.


Mockup design on invision project here:

Interactive Design



Mockup colour Jnack.jpg

How does it work?

The app will include two aspects of the beneficial relationship between the producer and buyer. The seller in Japan will be collecting goods in Japanese stores to earn income and ship directly to the buyer's address. The buyer pays for the goods and the service fee on the app then pays the shipment fee.


The app provides different prices and snack categories that buyers can choose from. The app's function can let people keep track of the stats of the shipment which is connected with the shipping company. The collector from Japan collects the snack that the buyer bought and ship them to Canada.

Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 6.08.32 PM.png
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Mockup 3 pic jnack.jpg


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