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Moblie App


Interactive Design


Year 2018

I designed the UI for a mobile app called Jnack.s. The purpose of this application is to promote Japanese food and snacks, enabling people from other countries to experience the local delicious snacks. The app's logo features two main colors, yellow and dark brown, and includes a box icon representing shipping from one place to another.

Icon Logo

How does it work?

The app will facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between the producers and buyers. Sellers in Japan will gather goods from local stores to earn income and then ship them directly to the buyer's address. The buyer will pay for the goods, a service fee via the app, and the shipment fee.

The app offers various prices and snack categories for buyers to choose from. Additionally, it allows users to track the status of their shipments, which are handled by a connected shipping company. The collectors in Japan will gather the snacks purchased by the buyers and ship them worldwide.

Showcase phone

These are a few design layouts from the app, featuring the main page, product page, and shipment status page. The app includes five icons at the bottom, each representing different categories: product, shipment, home page, cart, and my account. These pages illustrate the buyer's perspective within the app.

On the seller's side, there is a more complex and detailed planning of the app that supports various seller-specific functions

Site Map

The app's design incorporates three main colors: dark brown, light pink, and yellow. The design style, as shown in the top left mood board, is simple and clean, reminiscent of the Japanese brand Muji.

The top right image presents a straightforward site map that outlines the user interaction flow within the app. It highlights each step required to create a positive user experience.

Jnacks 1.png
Jnack.s Showcase
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