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Daigyo Cafe

Daigyo Cafe

Branding & 
Special Promotion

Visual Identity

Marketing Design


Print Design

Daigyo Logo

Year 2022-2023

Daigyo is a Japanese cafe for its authentic Japanese flavours, including premium matcha, coffee, flavoured tea, and parfait. My role involves designing posters and social media content for new promotions, ensuring a consistent design theme incorporating Japanese elements to reinforce the brand's identity.

Social Media

Daigyo Social Media

Awakening The New Season!" is a seasonal drink design project that encompasses a website banner, social media posts, and posters. Collaborating with the marketing team, the central concept behind this design is to promote the idea of freshness and awakening. The design incorporates flowers and leaves to align with the message, along with text overlaid on each drink to evoke feelings in customers. The use of ample spacing also contributes to a clean and fresh overall design.

Brochure & Menu Design

Brochure &
Menu Design

Voucher Design

Menu Booklet
Menu Booklet
Discount Voucher

These are some of the brand designs for the store's menu. The menu's main purpose is to showcase key products and drinks while conveying the brand's message to customers. The designs maintain consistency with a light background pattern, retaining the main blue colour and typeface. Additionally, incorporating a Japanese text on the side to infuse a touch of Japanese culture

Storefront Coming Soon Design

Daigyo Storefront
Daigyo Storefront

Staying consistent with the brand's pattern, typeface, and color, this storefront window sign is designed to inform customers about the upcoming store's offerings and style. The goal is to keep it simple, matching the brand design to draw attention and showcase some of the main food options.

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