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NaNa Beauty

Logo & Brand Design

NaNa Beauty

Logo Design

Visual Identity


Year  2022-2023

This is a complete branding design for a beauty store specializing in eyelash extensions, nail services, brow treatments, and makeup classes. The visual identity places a significant emphasis on the colors black and pink, creating a style that is both cool and powerful, yet retains an elegant touch. This branding is tailored to resonate with a younger female audience, delivering a modern and captivating experience.

NaNa Beauty Logo

Colour Palette

Logo explain




Business card
Store logo

NaNa Brand 


I've designed a range of custom products for NaNa Beauty, including stickers, certificates, paper bags, and aprons. These designs incorporate patterns, colors, and typefaces that align with the brand's identity. The designs maintain a consistent color palette and an overall cohesive aesthetic.

Paper bag



Paper Bag

Price List Menu &
Icon Design

As part of the brand design, I created a custom price list menu with distinct sections to effectively organize information and prices. The strategic use of color highlights the most important sections within the menu. Additionally, I developed a set of icons with a consistent style for eyelash instruction cards and Instagram story highlights.


Price list
Price list

Lip Stick

Lash instruction

Eyelash Curler




Logo Options &
Concept Ideas

As the project progressed, I explored different brand interpretations. Logo #2 and #3 combine femininity with a 'cool' edge, using a signature-style typeface. Logo #1, on the other hand, offers a contrast between bold elements and an elegant script typeface. Since Logo #4 closely aligns with the client's vision, I've expanded upon its concept to refine the brand's identity.

Eye pattern
Logo #1

Logo Idea #1

Bold + Young

Logo #2

Logo Idea #2

Elegant + Clean

Logo #3

Logo Idea #3

Simple + Clean

Logo #4

Logo Idea #4

Cool + Bold

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