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Markham Ice and Snow Festival




Markham, Ontario

In 2019, I had the opportunity to design for Markham Snow and Ice festival. I was designing various items such as booklets, business cards, roll-up banners, logos, certificates, invitations, backdrops and posters for the festival. 

My design objective is to create and design marketing materials, signs and items needed for the festival. I worked with volunteers and co-created with people from companies such as CSID and Advanced Brilliance Corporation to create the designs.

Editorial Design
Square Booklet.jpg

Markham Ice and Snow Festival 2019 The Markham Ice and Snow Festival is a winter event that promotes ice sculpture and local communities of Canadian and Chinese. The festival features famous ice sculpture artists from China Harbin to create 20 sculptures based on a combination of Canada's iconic animals, Horoscope Signs and Chinese zodiac signs.

Free Certificate Mockup frank.jpg
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The design project is hard to get started because the festival is new and it is the first Ice and snow festival in Markham. There are no branding guidelines or previous examples of designs. So I started on a blank sheet of paper. I researched on other ice and snow festivals to get inspiration from, such as the images on the internet. I was assigned specific tasks for the festival and I think the problems with this project were the lack of "design" and theme. Design can improve the festival by enhancing the audience's experience by creating memorable impressions, trustworthy and positive experiences with design.

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