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Infographic Poster



Information Design
Communication Design

Here are two of my design works in information design and communication design a bubble tea poster and a dog poster. I use illustrations and layout design to create a simple-looking poster. The poster's design has effectively defined the terms and concepts in an interesting way for the audience. Both posters communicate through visuals and text. It is evident that I have been experimenting with different types of styles of illustrations in poster design. When designing the posters, I had challenges using the layout to effectively communicate the information in a simple way that wouldn't look so crowded.

bubble tea poster.jpg
mockup_project 3.png

"Dog" Poster

An informational posters about dog, showing locations of pet store, hospital and adoption centre in Richmond Hill. As well as, introducing few main types of dog food. I have tried to create illustrations and designs in a fun and colourful way in the last few years.

Final size poster-02.jpg
mockup_project 3.png

The Dog poster requires a lot of research on dog breeds, various locations related to dogs in my local area (hospital, adoption center, pet store), dog toys, dog food, and more. Each section is organized and designed for audiences to understand easily.

Dog illustration #1-01-01.jpg
Final size poster-02_edited.jpg
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