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Endangered Species




Endangered Species is an editorial and informational designed booklet that focuses on one of the big main global issues of species threatened with extinction. Through research and analysis, this project uses storytelling, visuals and illustration to engage and raise audience awareness in a fun and educational way.

Editorial Design
Information Design
Communication Design
Endangered Species Final.jpg

One of the purposes of this project is to define why species are rapidly declining in numbers and becoming extinct. One of the main causes is due to human activities by hunting, releasing invasive species into the wild, overharvesting and pollution. Defining the reasons allows the readers to understand and avoid certain actions to help save endangered species. The layout of the booklet allows the reader to follow each step in a storytelling manner. In addition, the use of colour and illustrations are meant to support the information and engage the audiences with positive and interesting points of view.

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Endangered Species_layout1.jpg
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Help Save Endangered Species.

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